About Us

Holy Name School, a Catholic Partnership School, is located in the North Camden neighborhood. As a Catholic school, we affirm that the need for a unique and Christ-centered education is greater today than ever before.  Our times threaten the values of Catholic education is general and the existence of Catholic schools in particular. Yet, we embrace our purpose with the same courage and confidence that inspired those who founded the Catholic school system in this country despite great difficulties. Fully aware of the accelerating change in society, we work diligently to set our students in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. We assist each student in developing life, willing to serve others, and impelled to worship GOD. Through faith, hope, and charity, we have the power to create a joyous environment where both the educator and the educated can expand their minds and hearts. While guiding students to acquire skills, learn new concepts, seek relationships, and make judgments, we honor responsible freedom. True education leads a person to discern, and love truth, to follow right reason, and to reverence GOD and all creation.