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History & Mission


Holy Name School is a parish elementary school located in North Camden. Opened in 1927, Holy Name School has been served by various religious communities and laypersons over the years. Today, the pastoral care is provided by the Oblates and the de Sales mission of service to others is evident in the life and community of Holy Name School. The Sisters of St. Joseph also serve in the Holy Name School community both within the school and within the community programs supporting the school and school families. Holy Name School became a Catholic Partnership School in 2008 and has experienced growth in admissions over the years. Holy Name School is now home to over 155 students from all areas of the city of Camden. The school provides a place of safety, love, education and leadership in an area isolated by geography, language, culture, poverty, and violence.

Holy Name School has been reaccredited by the Middle States Association for the work and accomplishments made by our teachers, staff, volunteers, parents, donors, and the Catholic Partnership.


Holy Name School seeks to educate the children of Camden in grades K-8th by providing a strong academic foundation in a safe, caring environment so that children can have bright futures full of hope.

Guided by the Holy Name of Jesus, we foster an environment of safety, love, academic excellence, and leadership where miracles happen every day. Our professional educators work with our families to prepare the students to take their place in the community in the spirit of the Gospel Values.