Meet Wendy...

The Christmas plays, field trips to Holy Cross HS, choir with Sr. Terry and walking trips to Rutgers Art Museum had a profound impact on her as a young girl. Wendy remembers those trips vividly. Compounding the impact on her time at Holy Name were amazing teachers such as Mr. Naulty who constantly reminded the students that they were the future, that they should speak up, be the change and to use their power to do good in the world. She remembers her teachers staying late to help her as they knew her parents didn’t speak English and wouldn’t be able to help with school work. Stellar examples of using their power to do good in this world!  

Relationships with her Holy Name teachers continue to this day as she is still in communication with Mr. Nauly and her 4th grade teacher, Ms. Lachapelle.  These role models have helped mold her into the woman she is today!  

After Camden Catholic HS, Wendy enrolled in Camden County Community College where she worked toward a degree in graphic design. Within the year, she and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world putting a bit of hold on her graduation plans. In the next few years, she would make her dream of helping people come to reality by receiving a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) degree and then becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) all while working at Cooper University Hospital.   

Her hard work and dedication paid off and after years of service to the hospital, she was recognized with a scholarship to Rutgers University to earn a Bachelor's degree in Nursing.   Wendy graduated from Rutgers in December of 2019 and immediately put her new skills to work taking care of many patients including a few affected by COVID-19 in this unprecedented year for the hospital and health care field. 

We are proud to call Wendy a CPS Alum and are grateful to have her working to serve the people of Camden.  We pray for her and for her colleagues each day as they use their power to good in this world.